Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science Neglected Diseases on Drug Discovery focus on Kinetoplastids (SPSAS-ND3)

Applications for the Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery – focus on Kinetoplastids (SPSAS-ND3) is open until February 18th 2015. The event is promoted by LNBio (The Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory) and will be hosted in the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) Campus – Campinas-SP, Brazil from 14th to 24th June, 2015. The SPSAS-ND3 is funded by FAPESP  (Sao Paulo Research Foundation) and aims to support courses in advanced themes in science and technology, contributing to the formation of young researchers and attraction of both national and international scientific talents to Sao Paulo state.

The SPSAS-ND3 will focus on multidisciplinary aspects of drug discovery applied to Chagas disease, human African tripanosomiasis and leishmaniasis, introducing students to the basics of drug discovery science and cutting-edge research on the field. The course is structured in both lectures and practical activities covering high throughput and high content screening, structural biology and virtual screening, screening data analysis, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization, in vitro and in vivo ADME, and in vivo models for pharmacokinetics and efficacy studies.

The School will comprise practical and theoretical activities, ministered by a panel of world-class drug discovery scientists and parasitology experts, originating from both Pharma and Academia, and combining academic excellence with the product-oriented pragmatism of the Pharma and Biotech companies.

The event does not have a registration fee, however the attendance is limited and application is required. For more information, please, visit the SPSAS-ND3 website: