Beamline specifications


2.0 T hybrid 30-pole wiggler

Optical elements

collimating mirror, Si(111) double-crystal monochromator and toroidal bendable mirror


3 x 3 Rayonix  MarMosaic 225 CCD

Resolution in Energy

(E/dE) = 4500

Flux Details


4×1011 ϒ/s/mm2/100mA @ 8keV;

2×1011 ϒ/s/mm2/100mA @ 12.4keV.

Storage Ring operating @ 1.37GeV


Beam size (µm)

0.25 x 0.50

Wavelength Range (Å)

0.82 – 2.48

Energy Range

5 keV – 15 keV


G-Rob Staubli robot arm with Schunk gonio tool

Complementary devices

G-Rob system for automated sample mounting

Absorption edge scans


Fluorescence detector Amptek XR100CR for fluorescence scans and optimised SAD and MAD experiments

Cryogenic sytem

Oxford Nitrogen Cryojet XL