Sample Preparation

1. Protein structure and interaction:

Isotopic labeling of the protein can be carried out according to the reference: Calcium-Binding Protein Protocols: Volume 2: Methods and Techniques: 173 (Methods in Molecular Biology) 28 October 2010 by Hans J. Vogel (Editor) – Chapter 20 – Structure Determination by NMR – Isotope Labeling, Monica X. Li, David C. Corson and Bryan D, Sykes.

2. Structural configurations of small molecules:

The compounds must be pure and dissolved in an appropriate deuterated solvent. Normally we need a range of 10 to 30 mg of material depending on the type of experiments to be acquired.

3. Metabolic profiling of biological samples:

We have several protocols for the most diverse types of biological samples. Please get in touch for the best preparation protocol.