Sample Preparation

The user must provide a sample suitable for crystallization taking into consideration the following points:

  1. Purity higher than 90% as assessed by SDS-PAGE or mass spectrometry. The presence of secondary bands in the gel or other contaminants will reduce your success rate.
  2. A typical initial protein concentration is 10 mg/ml, but other concentrations are accepted when the Robolab staff is notified.

Robolab will provide crystallization plates and consumables for performing experiments. The schedule will depend on each equipment’s availability and will follow the solicitation order.

Standard crystallization kits to be tested (96 conditions each):

  • Crystal Screen HT – Hampton Research
  • Wizard Classic 1&2 – Molecular Dimensions
  • PACT premier Eco Screen – Molecular Dimensions
  • JCSG-plus Eco Screen – Molecular Dimensions
  • Salt Rx HT – Hampton Research
  • SG1 Eco Screen – Molecular Dimensions

Sample delivery

Important rules for delivering protein samples:

  • Sample delivery to our facility is by mail or personally delivered. It is the user´s responsibility that samples are properly packaged and in conformity with Brazilian Hazardous Materials Regulations.
  • The sample will be only accepted in solution (NOT lyophilized) and at the desired concentration for crystallization experiments.

Samples should be delivery to the address:

Laboratório Automatizado de Cristalização de Proteínas (RoboLab)
Laboratório Nacional de Biociências (LNBio)
Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais (CNPEM)
Rua Giuseppe Máximo Scolfaro, 10.000
Pólo II de Alta Tecnologia de Campinas
Campinas / São Paulo
CEP: 13083-100