Sample Preparation

The user must provide a sample suitable for crystallization taking into consideration the following points:

1 – Purity higher than 95% as assessed by SDS-PAGE or mass spectrometry. The presence of secondary bands in the gel or other contaminants will reduce your success rate.

2- A typical initial protein concentration is 10 mg / ml, but other concentrations are accepted when the Robolab staff is notified.


 Standard crystallization kits

“Sparse matrix screens”    
Crystal Screen I & II Sparse matrix by Jancarik & Kim (1991) In-house
Wizard I & II Sparse matrix by Emerald In-house
JCSG+ Sparse matrix by JCSG In-house
“Rational screens”    
Precipitant Synergy™ Synergistic combination of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents In-house
PACT For systematic analysis of the effect of pH and anions and cations (by JCSG) In-house
“Single-precipitant Grid Screens”    
Salt Rx Salt and pH based crystallization screen In-house
“Screens for Optimization”    
Additive Screen library of small molecules that can affect the solubility and crystallization of biological macromolecules In-house