Turns for Each Experiment

Suggestion for the number of turns required for each equipment:

AUC – We can measure until 7 samples in one sedimentation velocity run, or until 15 samples in one sedimentation equilibrium run. For one sedimentation velocity experiment book at least 2 turns to guarantee that time to set up the experiments will be considered. For Sedimentation equilibrium experiments, 5 turns are necessary.

ITC – For one simple sample and blank, doing 25 titrations of 10uL, one turn should be sufficient. For more complicated samples, book more turns.

DSC – For one simple sample and blank, one turn should be sufficient.

CD – for temperature denaturation, book at least one turn, for other measurements time is variable.

DLS – 15 to 30 minutes per sample is sufficient.

Native gel – 2 hours per gel.

Microscale thermoforesis – 1 day per sample.

Fluorescence, spectrophotometer, plate reader – depends on the samples and on the assay.