Beamline Specifications


Dipole Magnet (15º), s y = 0.12 mm

Optical elements

Cylindrically curved mirror Au to focus the X-ray beam on vertical.

Curved crystal of silicon (111), asymmetrical cut. Asymmetry angle 7.25°, condensed mode. Range of photon energies of X-ray: 6 keV-12 keV (2 Å – 1 Å). Dimensions: 250 mm x 50 mm (at the base) x 1 mm.


Rayonix MarCCD 165

Resolution in Energy

(E/dE) = 2000 at 1.61 Å

Flux Details

4.6×1010 ph/s/mm2/100mA @ 7.709keV;

Storage Ring operating @ 1.37GeV

Beam size (µm)

0.50 x 0.17 mm (H x V)

Wavelength Range (Å)

1.03 – 2.06

Energy Range

6 keV – 12 keV


Goniometer MarDTB with simple rotation in phi, Z translation and manual alignment of the sample in X and Y.

Support for magnetic base diameter of 10 mm Hampton Research (HR4-737).

Cryogenic sytem

Oxford Nitrogen Cryojet XL