Operating Modes

LNBio considers flexibility an inherent factor for success. Therefore, we are prepared to adapt to the partners’ culture and specific needs. This includes working under confidentiality, complying with operating procedures, following milestones and honoring deadlines.

Scopes varies from fully delimited services to broad sense long-term collaborations. Partnerships can be set at any point between just using our equipments to a solution fully developed by the LNBio’s staff. In general, both teams work together in true collaborative efforts that not only facilitate the achievement of goals, but also improves both parts knowhow. As a result, research is directed to market demands and the chances of success are potentiated.

Since CNPEM is a nonprofit private organization, we have technology transfer friendly bylaws and are flexible on negotiating intellectual property rights.

Legal Issues

At the beginning, partners disclose their information and needs under a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA). This is followed by a discussion on possibilities, costs and timelines. Should the collaboration be considered viable, a contract will be signed securing both parts rights and duties.

Funding Issues

Well planned and properly managed collaborations between research centers and the productive sector have high chances of getting funds form agencies, such as FAPESP, FINEP, CNPq, CAPES, BNDES and others.