Research Proposal Submission

The LMA is a multiuser facility that can be used by any  researcher from Brazil and abroad. It is required that a previous presentation of the research  be conducted in the facility.

Before submitting the first proposal, the applicant should be registered as an LNBio user at  the User Portal. Proposals should be accurately and succinctly presented, describing the research specific goals, it´s experimental model, the analysis required from LMA and also the results and conclusions expected by the investigation.

Check out the general recommendation about how to submit a research proposal by clicking here.

User support provided by LMA:

This facility provides equipments in operating condition; it also offers training and technical support for device use.  LMA also provides, in association with LBI, complete support in processing and bioinformatics analysis of the results.

 User’s responsibilities

The users should obtain the RNA and DNA samples in the quality profile required for the  specific technique requested,  they should also acquire  the DNA micro-chips, and all reagents necessary for cRNA synthesis ,  labeling and revelation.   All quantitative PCR reagents  should also be provided by the user.

 LNBio is not responsible for the user´s materials,  or for any loss of materials (e.g. chips) during the experiment due to unexpected adverse conditions, such as power failure, among others. Data from the experiments will be archived for  one month, after this period  it will be discarded.

User´s obligations

Users are required to acknowledge the use of the LMA facilities in any publications and to inform LNBio about any publications, thesis and other materials in due time. Also they will cooperate  by supplying this  information upon request.

Recommended phrases for acknowledgement:

“We acknowledge the Microarray Laboratory at Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio), CNPEM, Campinas, Brazil for their support with the use of equipament, Fluidics station and Scanner GeneChip.”