Instructions to Request Virus Preparations

Instructions to request virus preparations

  1. The requestor should provide 250ug of transfer vector (at 0.5 to 1ug/ul). We suggest using a Qiagen endofree maxi-prep kit. We do not accept mini-prep. Plasmid should be checked for purity and have a A260nm/280nm > 1.8. Plasmid also should be checked by restriction map using endonucleases. Sequencing is desirable.
  2. Most transfer vectors can be functionally tested  to check expression of gene of interest or expression cassette. In This case, we encourage checking it, before sending the plasmid to produce virus.
  3. Please fill one form per viral preparation; attach the map and any additional information send files to rb.mepnc.oibnlnull@VVL, subject: Virus production form.
  4. The requestor is responsible for submitting material to VVL , and should provide the delivery of plasmids vectors . Plasmids are very stable and can be shipped at room temperature. The requestor is responsible to accomplish all the legal requirements for shipping of plasmid vectors.
  5. The requestor should verify the compatibility of the gene of interest or expression cassette with the desirable viral platform. Notice that VVL is able to produce BSL-2 recombinant virus. Brazilian requestors should have previous authorization from the CTNBio and CIBio at their institutions, before submitting the form. Foreign researchers should verify specific rules to import and transport viral preparations.
  6. The requestor is responsible for all administrative procedures to manipulate recombinant plasmids and/or virus, BSL-2 certification and other approvals required by regulatory agencies and at his institution (Brazil:  CTNBio, CIBio, ANVISA and others )
  7. We typically need two weeks for virus production. Some cases may take an extra time due to the viral system required.
  8. The requestor is responsible for picking up virus preparations and is responsible for documents and transportation. Preparations not picked up may be discarded after 30 days.
  9. Please acknowledge the Viral Vector Lab  if you use this recombinant virus in a publication, grad thesis and others,   including the text:  “This work was facilitated by VVL at LNBio/CNPEM/CNPq/MCTIC”


VVL request form: click here for download.