Xenium Analyzer

Xenium Analyzer

Equipment: Xenium Analyzer
Resource: Multi-user Equipment – FAPESP EMU-PMP 2023 Call.

The Molecular Biology Laboratory will make the Xenium Analyzer available to the external community, which is designed to characterize a wide range of multiplexed RNAs within cells and tissues, achieving subcellular in situ resolution. This resource will be accessible to Brazilian and international researchers interested in analyzing human and murine tissue sections using predefined or customized gene panels by the manufacturer 10X Genomics for the characterization of their spatial distribution in a sample. It should also be noted that there is the possibility of customizing assays for non-model organisms.

Mode of Operation:

The Xenium Analyzer is intended for the characterization of 5 to 10 micrometer sections previously obtained from tissues fixed with formaldehyde and embedded in paraffin or fresh frozen and embedded in O.C.T., and adhered to a specific slide from the manufacturer 10X Genomics through the use of a padlock probe panel for predefined RNA targets, followed by in situ sequencing by hybridization. It is located in the Molecular Biology Laboratory and includes an anti-vibration table, uninterrupted power supply systems, and the in situ imaging equipment connected to a data storage for remote access.

Useful Information:

Access for users: submissions via SAU Online
How to submit proposals: consult the proposal submission guide
Contact: visit the Team page