The Bioassay Laboratory (LBE) is focused on assay development, high throughput screening (HTS) and high content cellular analysis (HCS) to support early drug discovery projects. LBE operates a screening Cell::Explorer platform (Perkin Elmer) equipped with a plate reader (ENVISON) for fluorescence intensity readouts and an automated microplate microscope (OPERETTA) for fluorescence image-based assays. The Cell::Explorer platform is also equipped with a pipetting system (for 96 or 384 multichannel liquid transfers), a cell incubator and plate washer. The platform was set up to run biochemical or cellular HTS assays in an automated mode with batches of up to 45 microplates.

How to access LBE: users should contact the facility’s coordinator, Dr. Artur Cordeiro, through the email rb.mepnc.oibnlnull@ebl to verify technical feasibility of intended experiments before submitting a proposal.