Helix™ is an automated system for local storage of research products. Products may be acquired by authorized researchers using an identification card. The inventory control and product acquisition is done by Radio Frequency (RFID). Helix™ provides agility to the development of scientific tests, since it eliminates the time required to import and / or delivery products purchased by outside vendors. LNBio was the first laboratory in Latin America to have this system.

Project Status:  Storage system installed and active.

Identification of proteins (proteomics) present in latex extracts by means of mass spectrometry.

Project Status: in progress


Production, by the biotechnological route, of steroidal substances, mainly used in prescriptions, starting from raw materials found in plant species grown at the Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC), with support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). Negotiations are being conducted with Centroflora Inc. for scaling up the production.

Project Status: in progress.

Identification of the biomarkers of cancer resistant to chemotherapy by means of nuclear magnetic resonance techniques and characterization of metabolic profiles of patients resistant and non-resistant to chemotherapy, for example, the resistance of acute pediatric lymphocytic leukemia to methotrexate. By means of this methodology it is possible to evaluate if the cancer of a specific patient will respond to the corresponding chemotherapy regimen.  The techniques used in the research and its results contributed to a request for patent application filed in the INPI – “Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office”. (PI 1105603-7 of 17/11/2011).

Project Status: in progress. The next step of the project foresees the prospect of partners for the carrying out of technological transfer.

The development of a biotechnological route for obtaining chemical products from sugar cane. The researchers from Braskem work in a research station at the LNBio building and make use of the open laboratories, such as the mass spectrometry, spectroscopy and calorimetry, protein expression system, etc.

Project Status: in progress

The development of the software “Structural Biology Helper”, with free access to internet for the support of studies in the crystallization of proteins.

Project Status: closed. Software created and available for use.