Available services and technologies

Currently the LMG offers the opportunity to generate:

1) transgenic mice through the classic pronuclear injection technique, as well as through lentiviral transduction. For lentiviral transduction mouse 1-cell embryos are injected into the subvitellinic space with a solution containing custom-made lentivirus; 2) knockout or knockin mice through the injection of genome-modified mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells into mouse blastocists, or morulae. Mouse ES cells can be custom-modified at the laboratory of origin, commercially acquired from several consortia for gene targeting (provide links here), freely obtained from collaborators, or custom modified at the LMG (not yet available). LMG also offers the opportunity to use new technologies for gene targeting such as Zinc finger and TALEN endonucleases, which require pro nuclear microinjection of custom-made cDNA expression vectors, or mRNAs.