The Bioassay Laboratory (LBE) is focused on assay development, high throughput screening and high content cellular analysis. The LBE operates the first Cell::Explorer platform (PerkinElmer) in  South America.

The Cell::Explorer is equipped with a microplate fluorescence reader (ENVISION), a confocal microscope (Operetta), a 384 pippeting unit (JANUS-MDT), a microplate washer (Biotek), cell Incubator (Liconic), and stacker for 45 microplates. All plates are handled by a robotic arm inside an air filtered environment.

At the moment the LBE team is working to validate HTS bioassays for reductases and kinases targets. The LBE compound collection contains samples from the NIH Clinical Collection and DIVERSET compound library (Chembridge).

The LBE will soon open a new agenda  for external users interested in running HTS campaigns against reductases or kinases targets.

For additional information, please contact one of the LBE coordinators.