LNBio laboratories are open to the scientific and technological communities. These facilities offer advanced devices, which have scheduled  maintenance and update programs. These installations are operated by a team of skilled researchers and technicians. The excellence of this complete structure  enables the development of multidisciplinary studies in the areas of structural biology, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, HTS/HCS, among others.

The academic community can apply to use  these Laboratories by submitting a research proposal in the User Portal or by  contacting the facility coordinator. More information regarding  the applications forms is available on the web pages of each Laboratory. For the submission of proposals, the research project must have prior support from funding agencies. The running costs of the facilities, for the academic community, are paid with resources from the management contract between CNPEM and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

LNBio Laboratories are also open to the scientific and technological community of  companies. The partnership with the business community is governed  by private  agreements, this structure  requires the payment for  the specific operations and for  the scientific and technical consultancy. For more information, please visit the Open Laboratories webpage or  contact us.

The Laboratory also has Multi-User-Equipaments, which were acquired with FAPESP financial support.